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COURSE TITLE: Fire Marshal/ Fire Warden Training

Course description

Fire Marshal/ Fire Warden Training

Aimed at All Owners, Managers, Supervisors & Staff.
Goals of the course

To teach Evacuation Procedures. Compartmentation. Vertical Evacuation. Use of Fire Extinguishers & what fires they are used for (CO², Foam & Powder). How to react in the advent of a Fire. Practicing good Housekeeping. Use of Ski Sheets.

 To be prepared to respond and take appropriate action in case of an emergency.

Learning outcomes

Fire Risk Assessment.

How Fires Start. How to extinguish a Fire. How to operate a Fire Extinguisher. Range of Fire Extinguishers available. Practical use of CO² & Foam Extinguisher.

Fire Prevention – Good Housekeeping (Escape Routes, Fire Extinguishers, Electrical Equipment,

Kitchen Equipment, Smoking, Waste Materials, Security, Unwanted Alarms, Oxygen Supplies & Fire Doors)

Compartmentation & Evacuation Strategy

Fire Orders/Action – Making sure that they know what to do if they: - 1. Discover a Fire. 2. If they hear the Fire Alarm.

Ski Sheets – Location, Correct Fitting, Correct storage of Safety Belts & Drag Straps. Lifting the Resident off the Bed. Evacuation 2 Compartments from Origin of Fire.


If required by Company:- Read Company Fire Safety& Evacuation Policy (Schedule 5) Read Fire Orders Read Emergency Plan Policy (Schedule 5) Read Health & Safety Policy (Schedule 5)
Certification JOYMAC TRAINING 1 Year

Garry McWade

QQI Level 6 Training Delivery & Evaluation

Certificate: F070297038865F                                                                                                             

Fire Warden Instructor

Certificate: B 201105 Guardian Safety

Duration 4 - 5 Hours.
Price JOYMAC Training Costs

Course Materials
  1. Fire Safety for Care Homes Worksheet.
  2. Fire Orders for Nursing Home.
  3. Pocket Guide – Fire Safety in the Workplace. Pocket Guide – How to choose and use Fire Extinguishers. Fire Safety Checklist. Ski Sheet Training Checklist.
  4. Questionnaire/Knowledge Test.
  5. Feed Back Form.