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COURSE TITLE: Fire Marshal/ Fire Warden Training

Course description

Fire Marshal/ Fire Warden Training

Aimed at All Owners, Managers, Supervisors & Staff.
Goals of the course
  • To teach Evacuation Procedures. Compartmentation. Vertical Evacuation. Use of Fire Extinguishers & what fires they are used for (CO², Foam & Powder). How to react in the advent of a Fire. Practicing good Housekeeping. Use of Ski Sheets.

  • To be prepared to respond and take appropriate action in case of an emergency.

Learning outcomes
  • Fire Risk Assessment.

  • How Fires Start. How to extinguish a Fire. How to operate a Fire Extinguisher. Range of Fire Extinguishers available. Practical use of CO² & Foam Extinguisher.

  • Fire Prevention – Good Housekeeping (Escape Routes, Fire Extinguishers, Electrical Equipment,

  • Kitchen Equipment, Smoking, Waste Materials, Security, Unwanted Alarms, Oxygen Supplies & Fire Doors)

  • Compartmentation & Evacuation Strategy

  • Fire Orders/Action – Making sure that they know what to do if they: - 1. Discover a Fire. 2. If they hear the Fire Alarm.

  • Ski Sheets – Location, Correct Fitting, Correct storage of Safety Belts & Drag Straps. Lifting the Resident off the Bed. Evacuation 2 Compartments from Origin of Fire.


If required by Company:- Read Company Fire Safety& Evacuation Policy (Schedule 5) Read Fire Orders Read Emergency Plan Policy (Schedule 5) Read Health & Safety Policy (Schedule 5)
Certification JOYMAC TRAINING 1 Year

Garry McWade

QQI Level 6 Training Delivery & Evaluation

Certificate: F070297038865F                                                                                                             

Fire Warden Instructor

Duration 4 - 5 Hours.
Price JOYMAC Training Costs

Course Materials
  1. Fire Safety for Care Homes Worksheet.
  2. Fire Orders for Nursing Home.
  3. Pocket Guide – Fire Safety in the Workplace. Pocket Guide – How to choose and use Fire Extinguishers. Fire Safety Checklist. Ski Sheet Training Checklist.
  4. Questionnaire/Knowledge Test.
  5. Feed Back Form.