Person Centred

COURSE TITLE: Clinical Manual Handling People

Course description

People/Resident Manual Handling Training

Aimed at All Clinical Staff
Goals of the course
  • To keep their back healthy.

  • To identify unsafe loads.

  • To handle loads safely.

  • To use suitable handling equipment.

  • To participate in a range of safer handling techniques.

  • Use of Ski sheets.

  • Use of Handling belts.

  • Use of Hoists.

Learning outcomes
  • Theory – Why are you here? Introduction /Legal Aspects.

  • The Back-How it Works. Back Injuries-Good Back Care.

  • Ergonomics/Handling Assessments.

  • Principles of Safer Handling.

  • Inanimate Practical: - Practice of Principals without Load/with Load: To & from Waist Height. To & from Floor Level. Pushing/Pulling. Team Handling.

  • People Handling Practical: - Ski Sheets. Rolling the Resident. Turning the Resident with Sliding Sheets. Moving the supine Resident up the bed with Sliding Sheets. Mobilising the Resident with Zimmer Frame/Rollator. Assisting the seated Resident to move up the bed. Sitting the Resident at the side of the bed from forwards sitting. Sitting to standing using the Handling Belt. Walking the Resident & lowering into a chair. Management of the falling Resident. Hoist Training which includes Full Body Hoist and Standing Hoist and the Principles in the use of Hoists. Use of Ski Sheets.

  • Problem Solving.

  • Knowledge Quiz.

If required by Company: Complete Manual Handling Awareness online. Read Company Manual Handling Policy.
Certification JOYMAC TRAINING 3 Years

Joymac Training

QQI Level 6 Training Delivery & Evaluation

QQI Level 6 Manual Handling Instructor

Duration 5 Hours.
Price JOYMAC Training Costs

Course Materials
  1. Colour brochures with instructions on Good Back Care, Safer Handling, Safer Moving and Handling of People and Safer Use of Passive Hoist. Teaching Information on the Standing & Full Body Hoists. Ski Sheet Checklist.
  2. Principles of Safer Handling.
  3. Questionnaire/Knowledge Test.
  4. Feed Back Form.