Person Centred

COURSE TITLE: Non – Clinical Manual Handling

Course description

InanimateManual Handling Training

Aimed at All Non-Clinical Staff
Goals of the course
  • To keep their back healthy.

  • To identify unsafe loads.

  • To handle loads safely.

  • To use suitable handling equipment.

  • To participate in a range of safer handling techniques.

Learning outcomes
  • Theory – Why are you here? Introduction /Legal Aspects.

  • The Back-How it Works. Back Injuries-Good Back Care.

  • Ergonomics/Handling Assessments.

  • Principles of Safer Handling.

  • Inanimate Practical: - Practice of Principals without Load/with Load: To & from Waist Height. To & from Floor Level. Pushing/Pulling. Team Handling.

  • Problem Solving.

  • Knowledge Quiz.

If required by Company:- Complete Manual Handling Awareness online. Read Company Manual Handling Policy.
Certification JOYMAC TRAINING 3 Years

Joymac Training

QQI Level 6 Training Delivery & Evaluation

QQI Level 6 Manual Handling Instructor

Duration 3 Hours.
Price JOYMAC Training Costs

Course Materials
  1. Colour brochures with instructions on Good Back Care, Safer Handling, Laptop Use & Comfortable At Your Desk.
  2. Principles of Safer Handling.
  3. Ski Sheet Checklist.
  4. Questionnaire/Knowledge Test.
  5. Feed Back Form.