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COURSE TITLE: Food Safety Level 1

Course description

Food Safety Level 1

Aimed at All Staff who work in a Food Operated Business
Goals of the course
  • All Staff working in a Food Operated Business need to be aware of how to prevent Food Poisoning and practice good Personal Hygiene

Learning outcomes
  • Be familiar with:- Food Hygiene, Personal Hygiene, Unhygienic Practices, Hand Washing, Reporting an Illness, Monitoring Temperatures, Cleaning & Staff Facilities, HACCP & Allergy Management. To Recognising the importance of a robust Food Management System in the Business to prevent Food Poisoning.

  • To recognise that Safety and Hygiene play a vital role in the prevention of Food related illnesses.

Certification JOYMAC TRAINING 2 Years

Garry McWade

QQI Level 6 Training Delivery & Evaluation

Certificate: F070297038865F                                                                                                              

Food Production HACCP Management QQI level 6

Certificate: F073031838631A

Duration 3 Hours.
Price JOYMAC Training Costs

Course Materials
  1. Food Safety Level 1 Power Point & Slides Hand-out.
  2. Summary of Bacteria & Food Borne Diseases Hand-out.
  3. Binary Fission – Explanation & Hand-out.
  4. Advantages & Disadvantages of Micro-organisms Hand-out.
  5. Offenses & Penalties – Food Operated Business Hand-out.
  6. Process Steps Best Practice Food Operated Business Hand-out.
  7. Food Hygiene Regulations 2006 Colour Coded Chopping Boards & Knives Hand-out.
  8. Glossary of Food Safety Terms Hand-out.
  9. Feed Back Form.