Person Centred

COURSE TITLE: Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers

Course description

American Heart Association CPR & AED Training – Adults, Child and Infants.

Choking – Adults, Child and Infants.

Aimed at Nurses, Clinical Nurse Managers, Directors of Nursing, Dentists and GPs
Goals of the course
  • How to perform CPR safely & effectively with the use of an AED Machine on Adult.

  • Mouth to mouth & use of Pocket Mask and Bag Valve Mask for breaths.

  • How to check for breathing and response and pulse.

  • How to help an Adult/Infant if they are choking.

  • How to call for help, call Emergency Services & Check scene is safe.

  • How to perform CPR & AED with 2 Rescuers.

    Learning outcomes
    • Adult & Child Compressions and Breaths: Perform high-quality compressions and breaths

    • Infant Compressions and Breaths: Perform high-quality compressions and breaths

    • AED: Use of the AED

    • Rescuer: Rescuer Actions

    • Choking: Adult, Child and Infnant techniques

    Certification Irish Heart Foundation and American Heart Association 2 Years

    Joymac Training

    QQI Level 6 Training Delivery & Evaluation

    Heartsaver® Instructor American Heart Association ID: 1147706

    Irish Heart Foundation / Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council (PHECC)

    CFR Instructor ID: GG 075283   

    Duration 5 Hours.
    Price JOYMAC Training Costs

    Course Materials
    1. Course conducted with AHA Interactive Video + Skills Test Sheet.
    2. Feed Back Form.
    3. Frequently Asked Questions (AED).
    4. Frequently Asked Questions (Chest Compressions Only CPR).
    5. Frequently Asked Questions (BLS).